Plan of Service 2015 - 2019


Providing materials and services to help the community meet their personal, educational, and professional needs. The library serves as a learning, educational, and activities centre for all the residents within the Village of Carbon and all of Kneehill County.

Our Goal

To increase our library's membership by means of public awareness.

We are now more accessible to the public. All Village of Carbon Library memberships are free

We pledge to host more public events to bring the community together.

A place to study and do research. With up to date technology and a comfortable place to be.

More community events with opportunities to volunteer.

We have multiple choices for reading, listening, and viewing to enhance your leisure time. Rent equipment, books, audiobooks, DVDs, games, and much more.

We put our ever-growing services out there. Our new Reader Board is out there to announce all community events. We now have Little Free Libraries for all to borrow.

Plan of Service 2015 - 2019 brochure

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